Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium

Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium

Okay, so set up a brand new aquarium. The next step is to fill it with fish. But finding the best fish for your aquarium can be tricky because you do not want one fish to eat another fish! So here are some of the best fish you can start with.


Goldfish are easy to care for and are sold in pet stores everywhere. For that reason, food for them is equally easy to find. The key to taking care of yourself is to make sure the water is clean and not overused.

Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium

"Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium"


These are good fish and easy to care for, but they can grow big. So, if you find an angelfish, make sure your tank is at least 55 liters in size. Also, make sure you start with one just because they often fight between them.


Guppy is a favorite of many people who have aquatic habitats because it is so cheap and easy to care for. They do not need much nutrition because the stomachs are small. Of course, they have a reputation for being quick to reproduce, so you need to make sure you keep them under control.


These fish blend well with other species, making them a favorite among fish lovers. And they are very clean fish, so it is easy to take care of that. Most pet stores do not carry catfish, but they are very good to look for.


Platies are very simple fish. It is relatively peaceful in comparison with other fish. And they come in all kinds of colors and sizes. In addition, it is not easy to feed them, which makes them a good start-up fish.

Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium


Mollies are one of the best fish for beginners because they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They also get along with other fish and prefer plant-based foods.

Neon Tetra

The neon tetra is an easy-to-care fish. For this reason, they are very popular among aquarium owners. They are small but very different with their neon blue and red stripes. They are calm and love to be in groups.

Fish Ideas for Your New Aquarium


Rainbowfish are one of the simplest fish. When fully grown, they have a beautiful color. They are peaceful, coexist with other fish, and are easy to care for.


Cichlid is an amazing fish, making it ideal for aquatic environments. They are very popular with fish lovers because they are easy to breed if you like and get along with all the fish. They need to be kept in warm water.


Barb can be more aggressive than the other fish mentioned, especially angelfish and tetras. In addition, they can be more than a few inches in size. But they are powerful fish and will no doubt delight any fish lover out there