The Importance of Maintaining Your Mobility Lift

The Importance of Maintaining Your Mobility Lift

A mobility lift is a piece of special equipment designed to make getting in and out of a car easier for a wheelchair user, or designed to accommodate a wheelchair during a trip. There are also domestic lifts, but our main concern here is the car. As with any piece of equipment, proper care is needed to ensure its proper functioning for the rest of its life.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Mobility Lift

Technology continues to evolve every year, and that is true of these elevators. Today the elevator is designed with quality and safety, with the desire to provide a safe ride for passengers and wheelchairs. However, once the mobility lift has been installed and is no longer under the control of the manufacturer, the owner is responsible for its proper operation.

The best way to ensure that your elevator works properly is the long life of use to maintain it as recommended by the manufacturer. Ignoring mobility lift maintenance can lead to serious damage, or inability to use it.

Other corrective recommendations:

1. Note how it works each time. From time to time, take it from each program and listen to the smooth, quiet performance of each task he is able to perform.

2. After using 150 times you should check for loose loads or connectors, check the brake system, inspect lift areas, and check any other moving parts of the mobility lift.

3. Always keep an eye out for any water leaks and if they appear they should be taken to a caregiver.

4. Clean the mobility lift periodically as instructed in its workbook. This may include applying a light coat of lubricant and rubbing any points needed. At any time obvious dirt or dust in the mobility lift can be wiped with a dry, soft cloth or towel.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Mobility Lift

5. Regularly check the locking system if the wheelchair is fully occupied during the trip and is seated on the platform. You should never take a wheelchair in this area if there is a problem with the lock system.

If at any time you are concerned about the functionality of the mobility lift you should treat anyone you use to repair it or your car. Early troubleshooting often allows for easier and less expensive repairs, and prevents any more serious injuries or injuries from occurring.